Wouldn’t you like to receive online meat delivery when you need it right at your doorstep? You don’t have to go out searching for halal meat or wait in long lines when you can order it online from the comfort of your home! At GoMeat, we take pleasure in offering authentic halal meat delivery services.

By using the GoMeat iOS and Android apps, you can easily order groceries and halal/specialty meat, and receive your order within minutes.

Online Ordering is Easy

Ordering online is convenient, especially for those who are unable to go out grocery shopping or don’t have the time. Simply use the search option after you enter your address and choose from the stores that you prefer. After you add your menu to your cart, checkout and we will deliver your order. You will receive your order the same day and there is the availability of 24/7 tracking.

We Have Great Connections

Whether you want certified halal meat, specialty grocery delivery, fresh meat, and spices, we want to support you as a part of our community. We partner with the best food market suppliers and grocery delivery services to ensure that customers receive only the finest.

Sign up with the GoMeat iOS and Android apps today and place your first order. An added benefit of using our app is that you can add up your loyalty points and redeem them against other offers.

We Believe in Added Health Benefits

Most people feel that halal meat tastes better than ordinary meat because it is more flavorful and tender. Because of the absence of blood, halal meat remains lighter, which prevents germs from spreading. Halal animals are fed a vegetarian diet such as grass, and their meat is high in antioxidants and vitamins. Why not choose halal meat when you can and reap the extra health benefits?

A Platform for Many

The GoPartner App is a platform on which grocers may participate by collaborating with us, and individuals can join us by becoming GoDrivers. Customers also benefit when they use our App to download and order food. Become a part of the growing GoMeat community today!

Our app aims at linking customers with their favorite and the best halal establishments and retailers in the vicinity. Halal meat may not be available everywhere or in regular grocery stores, so GoMeat makes eating Halal convenient for you by providing consumers with a specialty delivery service verified and backed by the blockchain.

GoMeat developed its first specialty meat marketplace prototype in late 2018, and in 2019 officially launched in New Jersey with a single store. The company currently operates in the U.S. specialty foods market, catering to the global $1.7 trillion industry that has yet to reach its full potential. Globally, there are more than 1.8 billion specialty consumers, yet no company has provided dedicated delivery and digitalization services except GoMeat. Over 90 precent of specialty stores do not have the resources to go digital. GoMeat brings these stores on board without any setup cost, thus enabling them to digitalize in order to increase their revenues and provide the convenience of ordering and home delivery to its Consumers.

“As specialty consumers who travel frequently, GoMeat founders are no strangers to the hassle of finding verified specialty meat and the chaotic in-store process that it entails. This new generation of specialty consumers demands convenience and authenticity and GoMeat plans on providing just that!”

Waqas Siddiqi ( Co-Founder and CEO GoMeat )

Specialty consumers avoid non-specialty meats and foods to the extent that they will not eat any other type of meat unless it is certified by a verified specialty board. These consumers are willing to pay a premium price and businesses are well-aware of this, resulting in numerous cases of faulty specialty certifications. In the Western countries, demand for specialty meat has been steadily increasing, but the supply is scarce and spread out, which has led to a murky supply chain with no checks and balances. Specialty meat certification boards are also understaffed, underfunded, and lack the technological infrastructure to digitalize the certification process.

Quality Verified By The Blockchain

GoMeat’s in-app blockchain-based specialty certifications are the solution for a visible and traceable supply chain in the specialty industry. So, specialty customers can trace their food from the farm to the table and make educated choices about what they buy.

GoMeat Token (ticker name GOMT) is a deflationary token built upon Hydra Chain, with a limited supply of only 5 million and 1.75 million GOMT offered during the ICO (initial coin offering). Each Tier sold out early and so the ICO was concluded two weeks earlier than expected. The final Tier closed with GOMT priced at $1.15, and since then the community has been ecstatic about its launch on Hydra DEX. The GOMT utility token offers many users the opportunity to:

  • Place orders for meat, food & grocery
  • Get free delivery to your doorstep
  • Avail amazing discounts on each order. Paying with GOMT will provide 1% cashback.
  • App referrer and referee will receive GOMT as part of our referral program
  • Stores owning a specified number of tokens get free marketing.
  • Drivers who choose token payments receive orders on priority basis. Drivers will be provided with bonus GOMT for delivering a certain number of orders per week.
  • In general, GOMT can be exchanged and traded on exchanges or held on to for utility purposes.

Order online or learn more about the GOMT token today