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GoMeat Services

GoMeat is a marketplace leveraging blockchain technology, connecting consumers with specialty retail meat stores that primarily offer fresh Halal and Kosher meat products such as red meat, poultry and seafood.

GoMeat platform consists of the Online Ordering System which is accessible via world wide web (www.gomeatservices.com) and GoMeat mobile apps based on IOS and Android. GoMeat app users can select their favourite meat retailer and order meat products, specialty food and ethnic groceries online after selecting from the available menu of their store of choice. Once the products are ordered, they are picked up from the store by the customer or can be requested for delivery to arrive on their doorsteps. This is achieved by our GoDrivers network, drivers are signed up via the GoMeat GoDriver App. This eliminates any time that most consumers of halal and kosher meat must spend in stores waiting for their order to be prepared, hence addressing the biggest pain point of such consumers.

  • Log In to your app or website
  • Pick the category you want to shop from
  • Select your favourite store
  • Add your preferred items to cart
  • Once you're on the checkout page
    • Choose your mode of order I.e., home delivery, take away or curb side pick-up
    • Add your address and personal details
    • Double check your cart items
    • Add any special instructions you have for the store
  • Proceed to Pay
    • Review your bill summary
    • Add a Tip
    • Apply your loyalty points
    • Add a promo or referral code
    • Choose your payment method
  • Swipe to pay and confirm

And your order is on the way!

We send your order to the store as soon as you hit the button. The store tells us they’re working on the order, we email you a receipt and text you a confirmation.

We send your order to the store as soon as you hit the button. The store tells us they’re working on the order, we email you a receipt and text you a confirmation.

There is no minimum amount for store pickup in place. However, the minimum order value for home delivery ranges from $15-50 depending on the store

Although tipping is not mandatory, we encourage tipping drivers based on performance, 100% of tips given go to the delivery driver. When checking out, you’ll see a dedicated section to tips on the payment page, choose your preferred amount or add a custom amount and swipe to pay!

Promo codes can be entered on the “Payment” page before checking out!

GoMeat is currently available in New Jersey, Illinois, Philadelphia, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee and New Mexico for ordering and food delivery.

At checkout, select "Pickup". The store will inform you when your order will be ready. Also, please have a picture identification handy. Our stores will verify the right order for the right customer.

Curbside pickup is available for certain stores; however, you can try requesting for a store pickup for the store.

You can leave special delivery instructions such as:

  1. Leave at door: Your order will be left at your door.
  2. Meet at door: The delivery person will meet you at your door.
  3. Pick up outside: You'll meet your delivery person outside.

The time it takes for the restaurant to receive and prepare a normal order and for your meal to be delivered to your address are both included in the time estimate you see.
The estimate we provide is only our best guess. When it comes to actual delivery timeframes, factors such as how busy the restaurant is, the size of your order and traffic conditions all come into play.

The bill summary includes:

  • Subtotal
  • A 7% Service Fee
  • Tip
  • Loyalty Points
  • Promo(s)

Your username is the email address you used when you registered your account. For your password, click the "Forgot Password?" button and we'll email you a link to reset it.

Unfortunately, no. Because your email is tied to your account, it's not possible to have multiple accounts per email address.

To Update your address

  1. Goto your profile
  2. Goto Address Book
  3. There you will see options to add, update or delete address

To report an incident

GoMeat App is the medium to process and execute delivery of online orders. Each store is responsible for maintaining the highest level of quality. Our goal is to deliver fresh meat from store to customer as soon as possible following State Regulations of Meat Transportation.

TBD (same ans as prev)

We are committed to safeguarding your personal information and care about the security of your GoMeat account. We occasionally email restores to update and change their account passwords as a precautionary measure for security risks not associated with GoMeat. A number of reasons why one of these proactive emails would be triggered includes username and password breaches at other companies, phishing schemes, logging into insecure sites from public Wi-Fi, and malware attacks.

We take fraud extremely serious at GoMeat. If you notice any suspicious charges or unauthorized account activity, please contact us immediately through one of the contact information "here" so that we can investigate immediately.

Check your SPAM messages to see if the email hasn't accidentally gone to your SPAM folder. If you still cannot find confirmation, reach out to us on +19085740454

You can check the status of your order real time using the App. If you feel there is a problem with the order, you may reach out to the Store. Check your order confirmation email to get the store contact number. Or, you can reach out to Go Meat Customer Care Specialist on +19085740454

If there is an issue with your order, you may reach out to the store and let them know first. The phone number is available in the order confirmation email. Or, you can reach out to GoMeat customer Care Specialist on +19085740454

We strive to provide high quality products to our customers. We recommend you to inspect your Meat and perishable items at the time of delivery. If you are not satisfied, these items can be returned at the time of delivery for a full refund. If you have additional queries, please reach to Customer Services.

You can add a new address by going to the Delivery addresses section in your Account or by clicking on the 'Add a New Address' button and set address as default.

Although we strive to have same day delivery, the delivery time is subject to time order as requested, volume of order, and store operations. You can check your order status anytime using the App including real time tracking of delivery drivers. Or, you can reach out to the GoMeat Customer Care Specialist on +19085740454


Please reach out to us,


GoMeat Token (GOMT)

High demand for certification services in combination with a decentralized form of accreditation by Specialty Boards and inability to support the specialty industry efficiently has shown cracks in the conventional specialty certification model, which has become costly, inefficient, fraudulent and risky. The GoMeat blockchain phase 3 will be delivering the following: Digital halal certifications, integration with halal authorities' smart contracts to validate certification validity for the stores. The smart contract validated certificates will be available inside the apps under each store for the customers

You will need a Hydra Wallet to receive GOMT. Due to regulation uncertainties, citizens and residents of the following countries are restricted from participating in this ICO: United States of America, China, Canada, South Korea, Afghanistan, Bahamas, Barbados, Botswana, Cambodia, Ghana, Iraq, Jamaica, Mauritius, Myanmar/Burma, Nicaragua, Panama, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen, Zimbabwe, North Korea and Iran For KYC compliance, buyers will have to submit the following information: full name, address and a document proving their identity (e.g. passport/National ID card/driver's license). For more details head over to our KYC Compliance page:

No, GOMT is not minable. Only 1,750,000 will be in circulation to be sold and all of unsold tokens will be burnt.

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