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GoMeat - Disrupting the Specialty Industry

Since 2019, GoMeat has been helping your local halal/kosher stores go digital! Powered by the GoMeat Technology Platform, consumers can place orders for meat, grocery or food and have them delivered to their doorstep on the same-day.
Using Blockchain technology, GoMeat is revolutionizing the specialty meat supply chain and certification processes by making each step transparent and traceable. Thus, paving the way for a safer industry.

Our Mission

GoMeat strives to be the leading digital marketplace connecting consumers with specialty meat stores and offering same-day delivery services powered by the GoMeat Technology Platform.

Our Vision

Using blockchain technology, GoMeat aims to digitalize the specialty food industry by making the specialty meat supply chain and certification transparent.

Our Business Model

Our Business Model is one of the simplest in the Tech industry offering steady and consistent revenue streams with no cash collection risks and high cash flows. GoMeat Services is a Logistics Technology Startup and not a meat seller. We are providing a technology marketplace for the buying and selling of specialty (halal and kosher) meat along with in-app specialty certifications.

GoMeat Operational Areas