GoMeat’s Vision to Disrupt the Industry

Since 2019, GoMeat has been helping your local halal/kosher store go digital! Powered by the GoMeat Technology Platform, consumers can place orders at their local specialty stores and have it delivered to their doorstep on the same-day.
Using Blockchain technology, GoMeat is revolutionizing the specialty meat supply chain and certification processes by making each step transparent and traceable. Thus, paving the way for a safer industry.


GoMeat Solutions for the Specialty food industry

Over 90% specialty stores do not have the resources to go digital

GoMeat provides stores with a tablet (no set up fee), extensive marketing, 12/7 customer support & delivery

Specialty food consumers have no dedicated delivery service

GoMeat provides fresh same-day delivery, 12/7 customer support, amazing discounts & loyalty program

Traditional Specialty meat certification has proven to be costly, inefficient, fraudulent and risky

In-app Blockchain based certifications will keep stores, customers & certification boards notified about a store’s specialty verification

Traditional specialty meat supply chain has no traceability in case of contamination or outbreak

Blockchain based distributed ledger will keep track of the meat from the farm to the store to ensure easy accountability and traceability

Why you should buy GoMeat Token!

  • Place meat, grocery & food orders using GOMT
  • Get free delivery & discounts
  • Get 1% cashback on all orders
  • Earn GOMT through our referral program
Burn Mechanism
  • All unsold tokens will be burnt
  • 3% GoMeat revenue will be burnt starting with the quarter following ICO completion
  • 4% revenue in 2022 and 5% in 2023 will be burnt quarterly
  • Upon hitting $3 Mil in annualized gross volume, an additional 3% will be burnt every quarter
GoMeat has been in business since 2019
  • 200+ stores (till May 2021)
  • 35+ drivers
  • 6000+ orders placed
Partner Bonuses
  • GoMeat Drivers will receive GOMT bonuses on completion of predefined weekly goals
  • GoMeat Partner Stores will receive GOMT bonuses upon reaching predefined weekly goals
  • Employee bonuses will be paid using GOMT
Specialty meat certification
  • A predefined number of Tokens will have to be staked for approval of a specialty certificate. To ensure accountability, these tokens will be burnt in case of breach of contract

GoMeat Apps- serving specialty meat consumers since 2019

Gross Volume 2020


App Downloads





GoMeat Apps

4.5k+ Happy Customers

Connecting consumers with their local specialty stores!

6k+ orders placed since our launch in 2019

300k+ generated in gross volume in 2020 alone

Exclusive discounts, 1% cashback, referral program

Same-day delivery

Available in 15+ US cities

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  • img

200+ stores

Helping specialty stores go digital!

Average order size of $90

No setup fee/free tablet

Delivery up to 25 miles radius

Stores retain complete control over menu, orders, sales

Digital store experience for zero cost

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35+ drivers

Enabling drivers to be their own boss!

Drivers receive 100% gratuity

One of the highest payouts in the field

Drivers decide their work timings

Customer Service Support

Same-day delivery

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GoMeat Roadmap



  • - GoMeat Founded & Incorporated
  • - Business Processes and MVP Designed

Pilot Phase

  • - MVP Built & Pilot store launched
  • - Upgraded GoMeat Platform
  • - Added multiple stores in NJ
  • - GoMeat Team Expanded
  • - E2E Processes Optimized


  • - Business expansion to Midwest US
  • - During Covid, 4.5k+ Customers created
  • - GoMeat Volume hits $300K+
  • - Team Expanded to 20+ members
  • - Advanced technology platform launched
  • - Secure Funding to achieve 150+ Stores, 8K+ App Downloads, 4.5K+ users with 35+ GoMeat Drivers.

Phase 1 Expansion

  • - 500+ Stores, 1000+ drivers
  • - Volume $630k+, Customers 10 k+
  • - Horizontal expansion into Europe & Asia
  • - GOMT introduced and listed on multiple exchanges

Phase 2 Expansion

  • - Horizontal Expansion
  • - 1500+ Stores, 1500+ Drivers
  • - GoMeat Volume $2+ Mil, 30K+ Customers
  • - GOMT listed on multiple exchanges
  • - Multiple Kosher Stores added in Q4
  • - Crypto wallets Integration

Phase 3 Expansion

  • - 3500+ Stores, 2000+ Drivers
  • - Volume $3+ Mil, 70k+ Customers
  • - Launch Phase 2 Funding
  • - Blockchain Certification Integration

Horizontal Expansion

  • - Global Expansion
  • - 5k+ Stores, 2500+ Drivers
  • - GoMeat Volumes $4.5+ Mil, 100K+ Customers

Autonomous Delivery

  • - Globally Established Business
  • - Modern Drone/ Self Driving Delivery Options
  • - 7500+ Stores, 3750+ Drivers
  • - GoMeat Volumes $6.7+ Mil, 150K+ Customers

ICO Details

Sales Information

Pre-ICO Starts 24 June 2021
Pre-ICO Ends TBD
ICO Starts Q3 TBD
Soft Cap $500,000
Hard Cap $5.5 M
Token Name GoMeat Token
Ticker Name GOMT
Total Tokens 5 M GOMT
Tokens Offered 2,500,000 GOMT
Cap/Person (Pre-ICO) 6,000 GOMT
Token Value 1 GOMT = $2.50 USD

Token Sale Stages

Soft Cap $500 K
Hard Cap $5.5 M
Register & Buy Token Now Maximum Purchase ( Pre-ICO ) Cap: 6000 GOMT / $15 K
20% Bonus
Starting 24 June 2021
End at TBD
15% Bonus
Q3, 2021
ICO Tier 1
10% Bonus
Q3, 2021
ICO Tier 2
5% Bonus
Q3, 2021
ICO Tier 3

Referral Program

Want more GOMT? Generate your own referral link and share with family and friends. For every GOMT purchase made using the link, referrer will receive 3% and referee will receive 2% bonus tokens. For example:

Referral Example

Bought by Referee: 1000 GOMT
Referee Bonus: 20 GOMT
Referrer Bonus: 30 GOMT


Executive Team

Syed Hamed Ullah Quadri
Co-Founder & Secretary

Syed Hamed Ullah Quadri

Co-Founder & Secretary

Over 15 years of professional experience in the financial capital market, banking, food industry, and with Leading Technology companies. Experience applying people management, process optimization, and technical problem-solving skills to improve team and program performance. Managed and implemented complex technology industry solutions such as Banking, CRM system, Insurance Billing, Treasury Risk Mgmt., International GRC,. Experienced and result-oriented professional with analytical, conceptual, and people skills. Has a “can-do” attitude with a success record in large-scale projects in multinational and multicultural environments. BS in Network technologies, MBA, Network Security Certification, PMP, Scrum Master, and Agile. Based in Chicago IL, USA.

Syed's primary job is with SAP America, Inc. as a Program Manager. Syed works for GoMeat for 20 hours per week.

Ibrahim Quadri

Ibrahim Quadri


Over 25 years of professional experience with the biggest consulting and Technology companies in the world. A Global Director in the Digital Transformation Office of one of the largest Enter- prise Application company. Experienced in business transformation programs across several companies in industries such as Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Life Sciences. Active involvement in community services and striving to make this world a better place for generations to come. Based in New Jersey, USA

Ehsan Muhammad

Ehsan Muhammad


Experienced and result-oriented professional with over 20 years of experience in technology and business development projects across various industries. Proven record of success in large-scale projects including those in multi-national and multi-cultural environments. Industry experience in Insurance, Financial Services, Utilities, High-Tech, and Public Sector domains including building long-term relationships with Executive & C-level management. PMP certified and a technology evangelist with deep interest in new disciplines like cloud and blockchain. Based in Boston, MA, USA.

Asim Qureshi

Asim Qureshi


Over 20 years Professional Experience in wide range of Sales, Business Development, Project Management, Business Intelligence, and ERP Implementations. Multi-industry acumen having expertise in business intelligence business process analysis and re-engineering, business process transformation, application development, program management, and change manage- ment. Experience in full cycle of building alliance and partnership with vendor as well as custom- er all the way to recognizing revenue. Bachelor of Science in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering; Master of Science in Technology Management; MBA in Strategy Management; Six Sigma Blackbelt. Based in Atlanta, GA USA


Angel Buzalov
Attorney At Law at Buzalov & Chanova Law Office
Florian Pfeiffer
Chief Communications Officer at LockTrip
Muhammad Irfan
Marketing Consultant- CEO BountyPortals

Our Team

Saif Ullah Khalid

Graphics & Design Lead

Fajer Mahmood

CS Lead

Kanwal Sultan

Project Manager

Huzaifa Bajwa

Full Stack Developer


Asst. Project Manager

Nauman Ali

Finance Lead


What is specialty meat?

Specialty meat refers to meat that has been prepared under strict religious guidelines. The two most consumed types are halal (for Muslims) and kosher (for Jews). Followers of these religions only consume meats which are prepared in accordance with the religious guidelines. Increased awareness in the public about the preparation processes of these meats has increased their demand as a fresh and healthy alternative to traditional meat. This is backed by our experience as over 50% of our customers belong to different religious backgrounds.

Currently (2021) GoMeat has 200+ stores onboard in the US, including but not limited to New Jersey, Chicago, Dallas, Miami. Once we have raised the funds, we will be working on horizontal expansion into European regions.

High demand for certification services in combination with a decentralized form of accreditation by Specialty Boards and inability to support the specialty industry efficiently has shown cracks in the conventional specialty certification model, which has become costly, inefficient, fraudulent and risky. The GoMeat blockchain phase 3 will be delivering the following: Digital halal certifications, integration with halal authorities' smart contracts to validate certification validity for the stores. The smart contract validated certificates will be available inside the apps under each store for the customers

Due to regulation uncertainties, citizens and residents of the following countries are restricted from participating in this ICO: United States of America, China, Canada, South Korea, Afghanistan, Bahamas, Barbados, Botswana, Cambodia, Ghana, Iraq, Jamaica, Mauritius, Myanmar/Burma, Nicaragua, Panama, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen, Zimbabwe, North Korea and Iran

What does GoMeat do?

GoMeat website and app connect specialty meat, grocery & food stores with specialty consumers. Customers can place orders at their local specialty store and choose to have it delivered to their doorstep on the same-day.

Specialty meat is a niche but a massive one. For reference, the halal food industry alone generated $1.7 trillion in 2020. Furthermore, specialty meat is not just limited to Muslims or Jews anymore, as evident on our platform where over 50% of our customers belong to different religious backgrounds.

On-demand grocery ordering and delivery services primarily focus on large, general-purpose supermarkets. Although our service is very similar to what mainstream delivery services do, we are unique in that we work specifically with Halal and Kosher meat retailers and their customers. Especially during a pandemic, we believe that customers and owners of smaller specialty meat and grocery establishments deserve a safer and smoother way to do business.

GoMeat has tripled its sales revenue in 2020 with repeat orders from customers on a regular frequency and with full control over cashflows. Our sales are proof of the necessity of this service, especially during a time like this.

Yes, GoMeat is legal and regulated under Bulgarian laws.

The only factor limiting GoMeat’s expansion is the funding. Our 2-year record and public engagement has proven the need of this service globally. Which is why after raising the required funds, our first phase of expansion will focus on horizontal expansion into European regions and Asia.

How do I buy tokens?

Sign up at: GoMeat ICO panel.
Submit the required KYC documents. Once approved, you can buy GOMT using any of the mentioned currencies.
For assisstance, reach us at: [email protected]

Smart Contract Address: TBD
Decimals: 8
Token Symbol: GOMT

Payment can be made in the following currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, HYDRA, USDC, USDT, BUSD

Yes. In the Pre-ICO, the cap per person is 6000 GOMT or $15,000. Cap per person for the ICO is to be determined.

You will need a Hydra Wallet to receive GOMT.
Due to regulation uncertainties, citizens and residents of the following countries are restricted from participating in this ICO: United States of America, China, Canada, South Korea, Afghanistan, Bahamas, Barbados, Botswana, Cambodia, Ghana, Iraq, Jamaica, Mauritius, Myanmar/Burma, Nicaragua, Panama, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen, Zimbabwe, North Korea and Iran
For KYC compliance, buyers will have to submit the following information: full name, address and a document proving their identity (e.g. passport/National ID card/driver's license). For more details head over to our KYC Compliance page:

Yes, a Hydra Wallet is necessary. The following link will guide you in Hydra Wallet installation: https://docs.hydrachain.org/guide-for-windows For assistance you can reach out to our team at: [email protected]

No, GOMT is not minable. Only 2,500,000 will be in circulation to be sold and 50% of all unsold tokens will be burnt.

How many tokens will be sold?

A total of 2,500,000 (out of 5 Million) GoMeat Tokens will be sold. 50% of the unsold tokens will be burnt.

GoMeat is offering early bird bonuses throughout both its stages. In Pre-ICO buyers can avail up to 20% bonus while the main ICO event will offer bonuses in three tiers, 15%, 10% and 5%.

The GoMeat Token can be used on our platform to place meat, grocery & food orders. User also avail free delivery and lucrative discounts when paying with GOMT. You can also earn extra tokens by referring the GoMeat App to your friends. Our token burning will ensure that token value increases over time. GoMeat Token can also be traded for other crypto assets.

GoMeat Token is supported on the Hydra Platform.

Due to regulation uncertainties, citizens and residents of the following countries are restricted from participating in this ICO: United States of America, China, Canada, South Korea, Afghanistan, Bahamas, Barbados, Botswana, Cambodia, Ghana, Iraq, Jamaica, Mauritius, Myanmar/Burma, Nicaragua, Panama, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen, Zimbabwe, North Korea and Iran

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